IGI Global's Consortia Collaboration

As a leading international academic publisher, IGI Global collaborates with consortia worldwide to ensure that institutions are being provided with the most sought-after, emerging research through flexible and common sense offers. Through working with leading international consortia, we see the benefit in both group purchasing and offers for individual consortia members, and focus on providing you and your members with the resources needed to successfully provide research to your patrons to benefit the wider academic community.

If you would like to schedule a meeting or phone call to discuss/organize an IGI Global offering contact eresources@igi-global.com.

Carolina Consortium

The Carolina Consortium provides academic libraries in North Carolina and South Carolina with affordable access to a variety of electronic resources. Since 2012, the Carolina Consortium has included 190 higher learning institutions, from public universities to community colleges, and has saved libraries millions of dollars in deals.

IGI Global and the Carolina Consortium have continued their partnership for the 2019 copyright year, and institutions such as public libraries, seminary schools, community colleges, public universities, and private institutions are able to gain access to IGI Global’s content through the InfoSci® platform, which hosts InfoSci-Books, InfoSci-Journals, and InfoSci-Videos.

View Carolina Consortium’s offer here. (Note: Access is limited to Carolina Consortium members. Members must sign in.)

CAUL Electronic Information Resources Consortium (CEIRC)

The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) is an organization of Australian university libraries dedicated to affordable and fair access to knowledge. CAUL ensures collaborations between publishers and libraries address the interests and resources needed by their members. First formed in 1965, CAUL continues to promote the distribution of knowledge to academic institutions in Australia, with 40 members today.

CEIRC is CAUL’s primary vehicle for relationships with vendors and publishers. CEIRC’s terms of reference address a range of activities, including collaborative purchasing of electronic information resources, licensing conditions, access issues, statistical reporting, and effective negotiation.

IGI Global is proud to continue their collaboration with CAUL into the 2019 copyright year and provide Australian institutions with access to a wide range of innovative and emerging research in multiple disciplines through both reference books and scholarly journals.

View the current CEIRC offer here.


Eduserv, founded in 1980, is a not-for-profit organization that provides IT solutions to organizations and research institutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland. They have worked with major central government departments, a large number of local councils, various third sector organizations and all UK universities, such as NHS 24, University of Leicester, Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, NHS Direct, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, and Higher Education Funding Council for England. The consortium has partnered with highly reputable corporations, including Gold Microsoft Partner, Azure, and AWS partner network. Chest, a part of Eduserv for 17 years, has negotiated with Eduserv’s suppliers to provide further education online resources and software over a fixed period.

In 2016, IGI Global and Chest announced their agreement to offer emerging and forward-thinking content to universities and research institutions in the UK and Ireland through user-friendly and award-winning InfoSci-Books, InfoSci-Journals and InfoSci-Videos. The agreement will allow Chest members to access the scholarly information on a three (3)-year price fix. IGI Global and Chest will continue their partnership into the 2018 copyright year.

View the Chest offer here.

The Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK)

The Federal Library and Information Network (FEDLINK) is an organization of federal agencies working together to achieve optimum use of the resources and facilities of federal libraries and information centers by promoting common services, coordinating and sharing available resources, and providing continual professional education for federal library and information staff. FEDLINK serves as a forum for the discussion of policies, programs, procedures, and technologies that affect federal libraries and the information services they provide to Congress, their agencies, the federal courts, and the American people.

IGI Global is proud to continue its 8th year of being an approved FEDLINK Vendor (Service ID: IG and Contract Number: LC11G7010). Being an approved vendor enables IGI Global to reach over 1,000 federal library and information centers and offices.

View more information on FEDLINK here.

The National Science and Technology Library (NSTL)

Established in 2000, the Chinese National Science and Technology Library (NSTL) is a public service organization providing science and technology information resources to over 500 institutions, including the National Science Library of Chinese Academy of Sciences (NSLC), the Institute of Science and Technology Information of China (ISTIC), and the Chinese Machinery Industry Information Institute (CNKI).

Since 2008, IGI Global and NSTL have partnered to provide access to cutting-edge research through the InfoSci-Journals database to prestigious Chinese institutions. IGI Global looks forward to continuing its partnership with NSTL in the 2019 copyright year.

Saudi Digital Library (SDL)

The Saudi Digital Library (SDL) is the largest academic gathering of information sources in the Arab world, with more than 310,000 scientific references that are being continuously updated and cover all academic disciplines. Being an umbrella to all Saudi Universities, SDL won the award for the Arab Federation for Libraries and Information ‘know’ for outstanding projects in the Arab World in 2010.

The Saudi Digital Library has been one of IGI Global’s long-standing consortia partners for several years. This partnership brings innovative and emerging research to Middle Eastern universities. They currently have access to IGI Global’s databases through InfoSci-Journals, InfoSci-Books, and InfoSci-Videos.

View more information on SDL here.

South African National Library and Information Consortium (SANLiC)

The South African National Library and Information Consortium (SANLiC) is an organization that provides affordable and cost-effective access to academic and scholarly research to educational institutions in Africa. With over 30 members today, SANLiC works to ensure that their relationships between publishers and university libraries provide librarians with affordable and high-quality research they can utilize. Additionally, SANLiC provides their members with access to various conference and seminar information every year.

IGI Global looks forward to continuing their collaboration with SANLiC in the 2019 copyright year and providing their members with valuable and necessary publications, such as edited and authored reference books, handbooks of research, research insights, research essentials, and encyclopedias through their InfoSci-Books database, as well as scholarly journal content through the InfoSci-Journals database.

View SANLic’s offer here.

Taiwan Academic E-Book and Database Consortium (TAEBDC)

IGI Global and the Taiwan Academic Electronic Books and Databases Consortium (TAEBDC) partnered five years ago to bring technology research to over 90 institutions, including universities, medical facilities, and research institutions across Taiwan. Researchers, students, and professors throughout the country can access this content through TAEBDC’s investment in IGI Global’s academic research.

Over the last 5 years, TAEBDC has purchased a select number of IGI Global titles each year. IGI Global and TAEBDC are proud to continue their partnership next year, with TAEBDC’s selection of titles from the 2018 copyright year.

The German National Library of Economics (ZBW)

The German National Library of Economics, also known as the Leibniz Information Center for Economics (ZBW), is an economics-based consortium. Known as the world’s largest research infrastructure for economic literature online and offline, ZBW has been affiliated as an institute of the Christian Albrecht University of Kiel since 2007.

This consortium has been a long-time partner of IGI Global’s, with discounted pricing for the InfoSci-Journals database. Additionally, in 2016, ZBW invested in IGI Global e-books with a special offering on the InfoSci-Books database to its members, making it the first national e-book offer by the German National Library. The collaboration opened the door for nearly twenty new libraries to own a significant number of IGI Global’s innovative e-books for the use of their university communities. IGI Global and ZBW are currently working to continue their partnership into the 2019 copyright year.

View more information on ZBW here.