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What is Airport

Handbook of Research on Current Trends in Asian Economics, Business, and Administration
A system consisting of units that provide all kinds of infrastructure, support and complementary services related to aircraft operators, airports, and air navigation for the safe and efficient air transport of people, living things and goods.
Published in Chapter:
SWOT Analysis in Strategic Management and a Case Study at Gaziantep Airport
Sabiha Annaç Göv (Gaziantep University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8486-6.ch016
The aim of the study is to reveal Gaziantep Airport qualifications by applying the SWOT method. Qualitative research method was used in this study. SWOT analysis of Gaziantep Airport has been done. According to the results, although the airport has significant strengths and opportunities, it has some weaknesses and threats. The usability of the cargo terminal, having more destinations, being an international airport are determined as the strong dimensions of the airport. The insufficiency of the passenger terminal and parking area, the inefficiency of the instrument landing system were determined to be the weakness of the airport. However, investments made to overcome these deficiencies can be considered as opportunities. In addition, population growth, tourism potential due to the city of gastronomy, and the increase in the trade volume of the city have been identified as the opportunities of the airport. The proximity of the airport to the Syrian border, where the war has been going on since 2011, can be seen as a threat.
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Cost and Cost Politics in Airport Takeovers: Two Cases From North Carolina
Is defined in the law as any area of land or water used or intended for landing or takeoff of aircraft including appurtenant area used or intended for airport buildings, facilities, as well as rights of way together with the buildings and facilities. The use of Airport in this paper refers to a variety of airports which include municipally run airports (CLT), regionally governed airport authorities (AVL), and privately-operated airports.
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