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What is Development Cooperation

Developing Entrepreneurial Competencies for Start-Ups and Small Business
the term which is used, for example, by the World Health Organization (WHO), is used to express the idea that a partnership should exist between donor and recipient, rather than the traditional situation in which the relationship was dominated by the wealth and specialised knowledge of one side.
Published in Chapter:
Social Enterprise in Developing Countries: The Case of Developing Countries – Social Entrepreneurship and Startup
Monika Nova (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-2714-6.ch010
The chapter is intended to share the author's experience with social enterprise and start-ups gained in the developing countries of Africa. Relying on her ample professional practice, the author believes that many a good idea can be translated into a successful social enterprise project. The chapter will therefore provide an example of good practice. Supported by an already accomplished qualitative research and many years of relevant practice, the author argues that social enterprise and start-up may lay the groundwork for social recognition, self-determination and improved living generally. The persons involved in such enterprise will also enhance their social status and become fully or partially independent of foreign developmental assistance.
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India-Africa Trade and Investment Cooperation for Economic Development
A type of cooperation that has three major tasks: supporting and complementing efforts of developing countries to guarantee the provision of universal social basic standards to their citizens, as a means for people to exercise their basic human rights; promoting the convergence of the developing (and particularly the poorest) countries to higher levels of income and wellbeing, correcting extreme international inequalities; supporting efforts of developing countries to participate actively in the provision of international public goods.
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