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What is Dissemination

Encyclopedia of Strategic Leadership and Management
Active approach for knowledge transfer from the resource system to the users.
Published in Chapter:
Using Diffusion of Innovations Theory to Encourage Workers to Make Healthy Food Choices and Engage in Physical Activity
Debra N. Weiss-Randall (Florida Atlantic University, USA)
Copyright: © 2017 |Pages: 13
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-1049-9.ch124
Employers want workers to be as healthy as possible, to reduce absenteeism and to boost productivity. The challenge is getting employees to adopt healthy behaviors, a daunting task in our obesogenic society, which promotes a sedentary lifestyle and a diet high in saturated fat, sodium, and sugar. We are seeing an epidemic of obesity and type 2 diabetes, two preventable diseases that impair quality of life and increase healthcare costs. Rogers' Diffusions of Innovations (DOI) theory explains how and why people adopt new behaviors. Rogers observed how some workers were resistant to change. He categorized people according to how long it took them to adopt an innovation. He found that certain attributes were characteristic of early adopters, the opinion leaders that organizations need to win over to facilitate acceptance of an innovation. This chapter explores how DOI theory can be applied to the workplace to promote healthy behaviors.
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Strategies for Teaching Online Higher Education Courses With an Eye Towards Retention: Choosing a Culturally Responsive Path
The act of spreading or dispersing information, news, knowledge, opinions, and ideas to many people. Students receive disseminated information from instructors.
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Linking Stakeholder Engagement to Multiple Future Policies in the European Energy Sector: An Impact Analysis
The public disclosure of the results of a project by any appropriate means (other than resulting from protecting or exploiting the results), including by scientific publications in any medium.
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The process of sharing findings and can occur on several different types of platforms, such as publication, presentation, or online.
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Knowledge-Based Policymaking for Urban Development: The Healthy City Model
Is active and planned efforts to persuade target groups to adopt an innovation. This term tends to focus on the efforts of raising awareness toward the usage of knowledge rather than generating it. This term is preferred by American scholars and refers to the second active level of Diffusion. It’s an act of the research side or knowledge brokers.
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Decoding the Genomic and Proteomic Landscape: Dissemination and Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance in Environmental Staphylococci
Dissemination is spreading or dispersing something; in this context, it refers to the widespread distribution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, genes, or traits in various environments. In the context of this study, it signifies the natural or human-induced movement of antibiotic-resistant staphylococci within and between different settings.
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