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What is Economic model

Encyclopedia of E-Business Development and Management in the Global Economy
An approach can be employed for managing resources in data grid for services that end-user consumes. Pricing based on the demand of users and the supply of resources is the main driver in the competitive.
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Policy Driven Negotiation to Improve the QoS in Data Grid
Ghalem Belalem (University of Oran (Es Senia), Algeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-611-7.ch105
Data grids have become an interesting and popular domain in grid community (Foster and Kesselmann, 2004). Generally, the grids are proposed as solutions for large scale systems, where data replication is a well-known technique used to reduce access latency and bandwidth, and increase availability. In splitting of the advantages of replication, there are many problems that should be solved such as, • The replica placement that determines the optimal locations of replicated data in order to reduce the storage cost and data access (Xu et al, 2002); • The problem of determining which replica will be accessed to in terms of consistency when we need to execute a read or write operation (Ranganathan and Foster, 2001); • The problem of degree of replication which consists in finding a minimal number of replicas without reducing the performance of user applications; • The problem of replica consistency that concerns the consistency of a set of replicated data. This consistency provides a completely coherent view of all the replicas for a user (Gray et al 1996). Our principal aim, in this article, is to integrate into consistency management service, an approach based on an economic model for resolving conflicts detected in the data grid.
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Quantifying Economic Uncertainties and Risks in the Oil and Gas Industry
Set of mathematical equations to describe a theory that is used for quantifying the effects of something on an economy or a company.
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