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What is Green Promotion

Inclusive Community Development Through Tourism and Hospitality Practices
The activities carried out to provide consumers with accurate information about the environmental characteristics of the business and the product, to raise awareness of the consumers, to remind them of the green product advantages, and to generate an environmentally friendly business impression.
Published in Chapter:
Green Marketing Applications in Hospitality Businesses
Mehmet Tekeli (Karamanoğlu Mehmetbey University, Turkey) and Gülsüm Kasap (Isparta University of Applied Science, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6796-1.ch003
Industrial activities significantly affect the environment, which makes environmental sensitivity one of the most critical issues in the national and international arenas. As in other areas, the green approaches adopted in the tourism sector aim to reduce the negative environmental impact. The current study discussed the meaning of green marketing practices for hospitality businesses, the green marketing practices adopted by these businesses, and the results. In addition, the study presented a holistic perspective by presenting examples from hospitality businesses and gave general information about the green marketing concept, its scope, the reasons to turn to green marketing, and the benefits of such practices. In the study, which deals with the elements of the green marketing mix in hospitality businesses and touches on the examples of green hotels, green marketing practices were evaluated in the tourism sector.
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Green Retailing: A New Paradigm in Supply Chain Management
Green Promotion refers to the specific type of advertising that focuses on the promotion of sustainable policies, environmentally friendly operations, green packaging and environmental measures adopted by a firm.
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Green Marketing, Green Management, and Sustainability
Use similar channels to clearly and strongly communicate messages around green products and their unique brand characteristics to reduce information asymmetry.
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