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What is Investment Bank

Handbook of Research on Business Models in Modern Competitive Scenarios
It is a type of bank which takes commissions by giving specific consulting services, such as merger and acquisition and issuing bonds.
Published in Chapter:
Effects of Demographic Characteristics on Business Success: An Evidence From Turkish Banking Sector
Hasan Dinçer (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Serhat Yüksel (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey), Serkan Eti (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey), and Ali Tula (İstanbul Medipol University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-7265-7.ch016
The aim of this chapter is to evaluate the causality relationship between education level of the personnel and profitability of the banks. For this purpose, annual data of 15 Turkish deposit banks, between the years 2002 and 2016, is taken into the consideration. Additionally, Dumitrescu Hurlin panel causality analysis is used to achieve this objective. The findings show that education level of the personnel has a positive influence on the profitability of Turkish deposit banks. Hence, it can be said that Turkish banks should employ more personnel who are university graduate or have master or PhD degree. The main reason behind this issue is that these personnel can work more effectively with the qualification taken from the university. Another important point is that Turkish banks do not have to spend too much money to increase the training level of these personnel at the work because these personnel have taken these qualifications in their university life. Hence, it is recommended that these banks should follow their wages policies to attract the attention of educated candidates.
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