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What is Life cycle

Frameworks and Cases on Evolutional Supply Chain
Refers to the life cycle of a product, from procurement of raw materials to production, distribution, use, disposal, and recycling.
Published in Chapter:
CSR Initiatives in the Supply Chain of the Japanese Automotive Industry: The Role of Parts Industry Association
Hiromu Hatakeyama (Sakushin Gakuin University, Japan)
Copyright: © 2022 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9800-9.ch005
An automobile product is made up of tens of thousands of parts, many of which are procured from suppliers rather than manufactured by the automaker itself. Therefore, for automakers to steadily implement CSR initiatives, not only automakers but also all companies that make up the supply chain must promote such initiatives. Until now, existing studies have focused only on the efforts of companies such as automakers and suppliers and have not examined the efforts of industry associations, which play an extremely important role in the steady development of CSR initiatives in the supply chain. Therefore, this chapter examines the role and importance of the supplier-side industry association (JAPIA) in the development of CSR initiatives in the supply chain of the Japanese automotive industry. About CSR initiatives in the Japanese automotive industry, JAPIA's efforts have been extremely important in facilitating and ensuring supply chain initiatives. Thanks to the efforts of JAPIA, the Japanese automotive industry has been able to realize supply chain management in terms of CSR.
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Trials and Simulators Research in User Analysis and Sustainable Packaging Development
Period of time where a product is developed, brought to the market, used, and disposed.
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Life Cycle Challenges of Online Learning Support Systems
The progressive development of a living system from a lesser, more simplistic stage to a more advanced, complex stage.
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Description of Requirements to Safety Important I&C Systems
A set of stages for development, commissioning, and use of a system (component) within a time period that that begins from the concept development and specification of technical requirements and ends when the system (component) is removed from service when its further use is impossible or inexpedient.
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Identity Management for Wireless Service Access
Life cycle is the progression through a series of different stages of development.
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Methodological Approach to Systematization of Business Continuity in Organizations
Is the sequence of phases that a project goes through from its initiation to its closure.
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An Ergonomic Perspective of Software Validation in the Medical Product Manufacturing
It refers to the complete cycle on using the software within the professional context.
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Trends in Contemporary Record Management
Is the set of procedure that records go through from birth to death.
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