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What is Salesperson

Management and Marketing for Improved Competitiveness and Performance in the Healthcare Sector
A person who sells goods or services to members of the public or to retailers or other intermediaries on behalf of a company; performs sales activities, service to customers activities and information providing activities.
Published in Chapter:
The Buying Decision-Making Process in the Selection of Device Suppliers in Reproductive Medicine: A Preliminary Model
Paulo Botelho Pires (Porto Business School, Portugal), António Correia Barros (Politécnico do Porto, Portugal), and Filipe Taveira Santos (Faculdade de Economia, Universidade do Porto, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7263-4.ch001
This study identifies the criteria underlying the buying decision-making process of medical devices in reproductive medicine. This research had three main objectives. The first one was to translate the criteria mentioned by the decision-makers into theoretical constructs, while the second objective was intended to establish the relationship between the constructs, creating a conceptual model of buying decision-making for medical devices in reproductive medicine. The third objective was to identify suitable business and marketing strategies for such a decision-making process. Four constructs were evaluated in the pre-purchase phase, namely the brand, the product's performance, the training associated with the product, and the price. In the post-purchase phase, decision-makers evaluated the following constructs: service provided by the company, the relationship with the salesperson, and loyalty. Regarding marketing strategies, market-orientation strategy, relationship-marketing strategy, and brand-equity strategy were identified as possible strategies.
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Dealing With Ethical Dilemma: Interventions for Sales Force
A person who is responsible for selling a product or service in a specific territory.
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Salesmanship Skills in COVID-19 Times: Is There Any Impact on Sales Strategy Implementation and Performance?
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