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What is Start-Up Company

Ecosystem Dynamics and Strategies for Startups Scalability
Is an innovative business entity with the potential to achieve rapid and intensive growth in the future, to develop a new improved product, service, or process with the existence of a potential risk of technological or market failure.
Published in Chapter:
Improving the Conditions for Business Startups in the Republic of Serbia: Human Resources Management Competencies
Biljana S. Ilic (EDUCONS, Faculty of Project and Innovative Management, University of Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia) and Gordana P. Djukic (Faculty of Economics, The University of Belgrade, Serbia)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0527-0.ch003
The aim of the chapter is to establish a mechanism for recognizing the various actors of the startup ecosystem for the rapid and successful growth of startups in Serbia, with an emphasis on improving business conditions. The strategy for the development of the startup ecosystem of the Republic of Serbia (2021-2025) contains five specific goals, but the authors focused on the fourth special goal of the strategy, which is related to the improvement of conditions for startup businesses. The subject of the work will be the implementation of necessary measures and GovTech programs in Serbia, management, as well as on raising the competencies of employees in the public administration in Serbia for successful leadership in the startup ecosystem.
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Steering Start-Ups' Organizational Behavior Through Development of Project Management Practices
Any new and innovative company or a business with a potential for growth in global markets.
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