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What is Tech-Savvy

Innovation and Resource Management Strategies for Startups Development
To have substantial knowledge and proficiency in the use of modern technology, especially computer software, and hardware.
Published in Chapter:
Innovation and Startups for Transforming Nigeria's Developing Economy Into a Business Dynamo
Moshood Abiola Sanni (University of Ibadan, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2077-8.ch002
Startups wield significant influence on the global economy, stoking household demand and spurring price competition alongside established firms in competitive markets. Technologically driven payment and delivery options intensify competition, propelled by innovation aimed at enhancing daily essentials needs. The post-pandemic outcome casts a shadow on global economic headway, leading to reduced job opportunities. This chapter emphasizes the urgent need for conceptual, empirical, and policy reform in the context of innovations and startups in the Nigerian context.
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Digital Transformation and Co-Creation of Value: The Role of Digital Agility
Well-informed about modern technology and takes advantage of it by using skills and knowledge.
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Global Psychological Capital and Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Proficient knowledge and adoption of vast technological innovations in meeting business or customers’ demands.
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