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What is Business Relationships

Handbook of Research on Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Innovation in the Global Economy
Business relationships involve a formal approach to understanding, defining, and supporting business-based relationships among firms. These types of relationships involve the share of knowledge, skills, competences, technologies in such a way that the activity of one business partner complements the activity of the other party. Normally, these relationships are based on a long-term perspective and involve trust and commitment among the parties involved.
Published in Chapter:
Supply Chain Management: Identifying Innovative Suppliers
António Moreira (DEGEI, GOVCOPP, University of Aveiro, Portugal) and Ana Carolina Soares de Carvalho (University of Aveiro, Portugal)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-8216-0.ch022
The main purpose of this chapter is to develop an exploratory proposal for identifying innovative suppliers, creating knowledge in an area not very deeply explored. Based on a literature revision based on the innovative supplier identification and management, the study suggests that innovative suppliers are highly specialized and technically competent companies, located nearby their customers and take part on their client's improvement program. Based on the literature revision, a framework analyzing client-supplier relationships throughout the supply chain is proposed. The framework uses the strategic alignment concept between clients and suppliers. Finally, 61 questions were developed to identify the innovative suppliers.
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Mobile Technology Usage in Business Relationships
Relationships are created through the interaction between parties involved in exchange. Single acts and episodes, that is, the elements of interaction build the relationship over time. Satisfaction, commitment, and trust emerge as the distance between the parties is reduced. In due time, bonds are created on several levels of the relationship.
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Mutual Value in Business Relationships
Persistent interactions between a supplier and a customer for effecting business transactions.
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