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What is Content Management

Handbook of Research on Information Technology Management and Clinical Data Administration in Healthcare
The processes and tools that are used to introduce and maintain the content used by an organization or a website.
Published in Chapter:
Designing Medical Research Web Sites
Jonathan P. Grady (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Michael B. Spring (University of Pittsburgh, USA), and Armando J. Rotondi (University of Pittsburgh, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-356-2.ch053
This chapter discusses the design of Web sites to be used as the basis of medical research. It is broken down into three sections: Part 1 discusses the various issues that have to be addressed in the design of a Web site that will be used to assess some intervention based on the Web site. Part 2 discusses the design of such a Web site and the development of a tool to facilitate this process. Part 3 presents the results of preliminary usability analysis for the tool to assist medical researchers in constructing Web sites that can meet the needs and requirements of medical intervention studies. The results of the preliminary interviews, prototype walkthroughs, and preliminary usability studies are presented laying the groundwork for future development and more formal usability studies.
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Development and Implementation of E-Government Services in Turkey: Towards a More Citizen-Oriented Public Administration System
From a specific process perspective; creation, collection, control, management, maintenance, publication, use and improvement of data, information and knowledge in the forms and modes of text, image or sound on the Web sites or other institutions mediums. Here content can be basically understood as information tagged with data, and used as knowledge.
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Incorporating Knowledge Management into E-Commerce Applications
Organizing components and subject matter of an application so it meet the needs of users.
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Critical Issues in Content Repurposing for Small Devices
Management of Web pages as assisted by software, “Web page bureaucracy.”
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Integrative Document and Content Management Solutions
Implementation of a managed repository for digital assets such as documents, fragments of documents, images, and multimedia that are published to intranet and Internet WWW sites.
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An Innovative Architecture of a System for Storing and Managing Intangible Cultural Heritage
set of processes and technologies that support the evolutionary life cycle of digital information. This digital information is often referred to as content or, to be precise, digital content. Digital content may take the form of text, such as documents, multimedia files, such as audio or video files, or any other file type which follows a content lifecycle which requires management.
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