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What is Effective Leadership

Impact of Disruptive Technologies on the Sharing Economy
A set of skills, methods, and intuition which lead to the continuous growth of trust and engagement within an organization.
Published in Chapter:
Industry 4.0 as a New Disruptive Concept in IT Management and IT Governance: Vision and Future of the Industry 4.0 Concept
František Simetinger (Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Republic)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 32
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0361-4.ch006
This chapter is going through the Industry 4.0 concept. On the first hand, it relies on advanced technologies which have a high potential to save costs and deliver groundbreaking products and services. On the other hand, Industry 4.0 brings so many innovations and opportunities that it requires an essential change in thinking and organization. Presented insights are based on conducted comparative analysis and its results. This analysis compared significant maturity models for the assessment of Industry 4.0 readiness in organizations and defined universal dimensions. These identified dimensions uncovered existing gaps in the analyzed maturity models. Solving these missing areas required additional research that provided additional insights not only in Industry 4.0. The results of this analysis provided an overview of critical factors related to Industry 4.0 and possible solutions to missing parts. The technical challenges related to technologies, standards, and architectures used in Industry 4.0 are introduced. Organizational specifics of this concept are outlined.
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Leading with Intention: The Power of Must, Will, and Now
Effective leaders have the characteristics and elements that help propel their teams and individual followers to success and personal fulfillment.
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Leadership in Action: An Introspective Reflection
Is the ability to guide, inspire, and manage a group of people in a way that achieves desired goals and outcomes. Various leadership styles and characteristics contribute to and underscore effective leadership.
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Innovative Leadership: The Higher Educational Context
This must consider relationships and actions of the members, leader-member interactions, the nature of the task, abilities of the members, and change management. Strategic planning is also a very important element of effective leadership in higher education.
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