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What is Green Supply Chain

Handbook of Research on Strategic Supply Chain Management in the Retail Industry
Green Supply Chain Management integrates eco-friendly aspects into conventional supply-chain management practices, in order to make the every activity of the value chain: designing, procurement, processes, final product delivery, and end-of-life product management, to become environmentally conducive.
Published in Chapter:
Green Retailing: A New Paradigm in Supply Chain Management
Arnab Adhikari (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India), Indranil Biswas (Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, India), and Balram Avittathur (Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, India)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-9894-9.ch016
Sustainable development with ecological protection has gained global significance across society because of continuing environmental degradation. It causes green supply-chain management to be an area of interest among researchers and practitioners. Existing literature related to green supply chain indicates that most of the scholarly works have been limited to the manufacturing context and retailing has not been paid enough attention. It signifies that integrating green policies into retail sector is a new potential area of research from academicians' and practitioners' point of view. This chapter discusses about the drivers, barriers, different dimensions, issues, existing environmental practices and policies adopted by leading retailers, future research avenues, different green polices adopted by various organizations and government bodies in the area of retailing. Thus it facilitates researchers, industry practitioners, policy makers to find the existing works, new research opportunities as well as to improve practices and policies.
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Navigating the Intersection of Sustainability and Human Resources to Foster Responsible and Eco-Friendly Management: Green Employability and Green Jobs
A green supply chain, also known as a sustainable supply chain, is the ecologically responsible design, management, and operation of supply chain activities. It entails lowering the environmental effect of products and services production, transportation, and distribution by reducing waste, saving resources, and using eco-friendly methods and technology.
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Designing Sustainable Supply Chains in India to Create a Circular Economy
This is the idea of incorporating sustainable environmental processes into the conventional supply chain.
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Investigation of Green Criteria With Clustering Analysis in Green Supplier Selection
An environmentally friendly interpretation of the classic concept of supply chains.
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Sustainable Green Supply Chain Management Trends, Practices, and Performance
Are the practices starts from sourcing environmentally safe raw material, using green fuel, less polluting vehicles, warehousing, and distribution.
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Green Supply Chain Integration in Automotive Industry
The supply chain management that integrated the environmental thinking in the supply chain with the aims to minimize the environmental footprint of a product or services.
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An Interdisciplinary Inquiry Into Sustainable Supply Chain Management
A supply chain that takes into account its impact on the natural environment, and employs best practices to protect it.
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Development of Supply Chain Framework for the Circular Economy
The concept of green supply chain management (GSCM) integrates environmental dimensions in addition to the conventional dimensions in traditional supply chains.
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Evolutional Characteristics of the Global Supply Chain in Various Industries
A supply chain that implements the idea of environmental protection and resource conservation across the entire supply chain.
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