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What is Healthcare System

Handbook of Research on Trends in Product Design and Development: Technological and Organizational Perspectives
The system of human and capital resources used to deliver healthcare related services to a population.
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Deploying and Adapting an Indoor Positioning System in the Clinical Setting
James Stahl (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA), Julie Holt (Massachusetts General Hospital, USA), and Michael Lye (Rhode Island School of Design, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-617-9.ch025
We are living in an era where the demands on our healthcare system are relentlessly rising while at the same time key resources, such as, the number of physicians and time available to see patients, are declining. In order to diagnose what is wrong and treat it appropriately we need to be able to objectively measure and describe how our healthcare system behaves. At Massachusetts General Hospital, an innovative project weaves together industrial design, operations research, outcomes research with emerging technologies to provide a means for objectively and reliably measuring time in the primary care setting. The RFID in Clinical Workflow Project aims to provide a tool with which to understand resource allocation and to shape appropriate and effective policy. In order to successfully incorporate the use of an emerging technology that enables accurate and reliable measurement into the demanding and critical clinical setting, the multidisciplinary team used a hybrid of design techniques sourced from the different disciplines represented on the team.
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Structural Changes and Sustainable Economic Development of the Republic of Serbia in a Pandemic
A healthcare organization that instils high confidence because of its efficient endurance of the greatest burden in several waves of the COVID-19 pandemic and the large number of the infected.
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Issues, Claims and Concerns of Different Stakeholders of Healthcare Systems
The system assigned with the preservation of mental and physical health through services offered by physicians and other health professionals.
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Blockchain for Healthcare and Medical Systems
Is a group of individuals, organizations, and resources that provide health-care services to meet the needs of specific populations.
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COVID-19 and Intensive Care Management: A Comparative Analysis
A healthcare system is a network of organizations, people, and resources that deliver healthcare services to meet the health needs of a particular population. Healthcare systems vary widely between countries and can include public and private healthcare providers, insurers, and government agencies responsible for healthcare policy and regulation.
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COVID-19 Digital Technology Response in Sub-Saharan African Countries
These are policies implemented in organizations that are designed to provide medical care for people. i.e., Hospitals, clinics, and community health centres.
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Business Ethics in Healthcare: The Case of Greece
All involved professionals, institutions and other resources that meet the healthcare needs through relevant organized provision of services to the population in a country.
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A Comprehensive Overview of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
It is a system that provides health-related services to the targeted population.
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