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What is Iterative Design

Practices and Implementation of Gamification in Higher Education
Cyclical course design model that includes frequent feedback and revision.
Published in Chapter:
Applying a Playcentric Design Process to Creating a First-Year Experience Course
Andrew M. Blick (Western Washington University, USA)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-0716-8.ch003
Recent literature on the field of gaming and play in higher education has called for continued innovation and engagement with game-based curriculum and exploration of applications of game- and play-based learning in specific disciplines. In this chapter, the author describes the process of creating a first-year experience course based in game studies. Drawing from Fullerton's model of playcentric design, the author considered how to create a learning experience that simultaneously introduced students to the field of gaming studies and provided a solid foundation of academic literacies. This chapter includes a literature review of current research in the field of gaming and play in education; an overview of the curriculum the author developed for this learning experience, including highlights of learning activities, content, and materials; and discussion on building learning experiences around gaming and play.
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Using 3D Printers to Engage Students in Research
A design process that uses consecutive versions of a design, each improved by evaluation of the immediately previous version, to arrive at a viable product.
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The Usability Dimension in the Development of Web Applications
a design process that cycles through several designs, incrementally improving upon the final product with each pass.
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A Case Study of Developing Educator Digital Competences With Serious Game Design
A design methodology that involves repeatedly refining and improving a product or system through cycles of prototyping, testing, and evaluation.
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Epic Boss Battles: How to Addict Your Students by Creating Asynchronous Course-Based Games
The process of playtesting a product, gathering feedback, and making changes accordingly. This typically happens in stages with the first stage involving the developer(s) playtesting as a user (gray-box), the second stage with peers (alpha), and the third with end-users (beta). The earlier stages can continue to occur while later stages are happening.
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