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What is Perseverance

Handbook of Research on Strategic Communication, Leadership, and Conflict Management in Modern Organizations
In addition to persevering and following through with a task until it is completed, this is the drive to pursue goals in general.
Published in Chapter:
Finding Star Performer Leaders: The Secret to Running Successful Organizations
Reuven Bar-On (National Command and Staff College, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-8516-9.ch011
This chapter describes an innovative and valuable method for creating predictive models designed to assist in hiring high performing leaders—“star performers”—as well as to continue to enhance their ability to perform on an even higher level. This approach—“Star Performance Modelling”—is described in detail including the process involved and how best to apply the star performer models that are created. The author also demonstrates that the application of these models has a significant impact on organizational effectiveness and profitability. Moreover, it will be explained how star performance modelling is based on analyzing and applying results generated by multifactor assessment instruments such as version 3.0 of the “Bar-On Multifactor Measure of Performance” (MMP3). The author additionally presents a number of examples showing how star performance models have been applied to help organizations save and/or earn hundreds of millions of dollars.
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The Role of Resilience in the Relationship Between Grit and Flow: Introducing Grit Flow Questionnaire
Perseverance is an attribute that comes from pursuing a course of action or keeping at a task and finishing it despite the obstacles, challenges and opposition faced and the effort involved as well as the duration of time.
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Put Your Mask on First!
The ability to complete a task in the face of obstacles; not giving up
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