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What is Subject Matter Expert

Cases on Learning Design and Human Performance Technology
This is a resource that can provide insights, including expert and technical support during the development and evaluation of the intervention.
Published in Chapter:
Using Training to Address Excessive Turnover in a Fast Food Organization
Jill Karen Jinks (University of Georgia, USA) and Karen E. Watkins (University of Georgia, USA)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 21
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0054-5.ch012
The purpose of this case is to present a story about an effort to address a threatening business problem for a company in an industry that relies on low-wage, minimally-skilled employees. The industry is characterized by high turnover that makes training efforts difficult. The designers and developers had to be flexible, creative and innovative in creating their project plan and instructional intervention. The dynamics of the organization were fluid. The team had to consider these dynamics in selecting their approach. They had to be comfortable with using approximations and assumptions in developing the inputs for their design and development decisions. Ambiguity and uncertainty were constants for the team members.
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Andragogy and Online Discussions: The Design and Facilitation of Effective Online Discussion for Adult Learners
An expert in a particular field or discipline that has been engaged by the academic department to design online instruction. This individual is often, but not exclusively a faculty member.
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Fostering an Attitude of Intentional Collaboration: Building an Environment of Relational, Intellectual Synergy
The team member(s) who have a breadth and depth of knowledge associated with the subject matter under focused study. The time working in the field and associated expertise gained throughout years of hands on, on the job learning directly influence and impact all aspects of the training and talent development product.
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Use of On-Line Discussion Forums for Training
Usually referred to as a SME, the subject matter expert is a person who is an expert in their field/job. People who design instruction will use a SME to help them develop content for training.
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