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Recently, Inside Higher Ed and Hanover Research did a survey of over 180 college and university provosts and chief academic officers to fully understand the impacts of the pandemic on higher education.
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Due to increased tourism for the 2021 summer, governments are questioning what effects this tourism boom will have on the spread of COVID-19 and many officials are lobbying for the use of “vaccine passports.”
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Did you know that one in six Gen Z (born between ~1997-2015) adults are identifying as LGBT?
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As the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine has begun to be administered, reports have found significant racial disparities among those being vaccinated in the UK and the U.S. More specifically, CNN has found that Black and Latino Americans are receiving it at lower rates than their white counterparts.
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Researcher Claims Hacking U.S. President Twitter Account, Bitcoin Scam Overtakes Celebrity Accounts, and Twitter’s Massive Outage
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