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While initial clinical trials explore cannabinoids' cancer-fighting potential, more comprehensive studies are underway.
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Dr. Rana Zeine, a Medical Cannabis Expert, Unveils Groundbreaking Insights in Her Latest Publication: Cannabinoids' Impact on Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Parkinson's & Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Prof. Juan-Ignacio Martin-Neira provides his inspiration to contributing to chapter 24 in Handbook of Research on Digital Transformation Management and Tools.
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Program Developers are Itching to Launch AI-Based Student Support
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Prof. Nicolaj Hannesbo Petersen answers the most commonly asked questions about Business Model Innovation, Digital Transformation and Disruption
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Professor Beatrice Failli Forzoni provides her insights and expertise on her chapter in Sales Management for Improved Organizational Competitiveness and Performance.
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Protecting digital assets and ensuring digital security has become increasingly important in the technologically advanced world we live in today.
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With meticulous innovation and dedication, IGI Global has successfully reduced the scholarly book publishing process to an unprecedented 6-9 months.
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