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What is Academic Support

Beyond Language Learning Instruction: Transformative Supports for Emergent Bilinguals and Educators
An intervention that is aimed at assisting learners/students/scholars to succeed academically.
Published in Chapter:
Increasing Retention of Linguistically-Disadvantaged College Students in South Africa
Denise Carpenter Mussman (University of Missouri, St. Louis, USA) and Venicia F. McGhie (University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1962-2.ch007
This chapter discusses a two-week pre-semester course in English academic language skills to improve learning outcomes of second and additional English language speaking students at a historically Black university in South Africa, a country that faces tremendous challenges with educational inequities. Prof. Venicia McGhie created and organized the program, and Dr. Denise C. Mussman taught the course content. This chapter reports on and discusses the challenges that cause many students to fail or dropout of higher education studies, the curriculum of the pilot course, assessment results, and written feedback from students on which lessons helped them most. The smaller class size, speaking activities, and explicit lessons on grammar and writing all contributed positively to the self-efficacy of the students.
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Student Support for Information and Communication Technology Modules in Open Distance Environments: Towards Self-Directed Learning
Academic support is no longer related only to the support regarding the content of a course, as students also require support on how to approach their courses.
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Academic Support for ELL and Immigrant Adolescents: Connecting Home, School, and Communities
Providing assistance for learning. This may include providing materials, access to resources, tutoring services, and/or social support to complete educational studies.
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Exploring and Enhancing Support for Advanced Entry Students Transitioning Into Higher Education
Support from staff in the form of academic skills, curricular guidance, and advice as well as pastoral support in the form of wider personal issues that may impact studies.
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Students' Support in an ODeL Context: Students in ODeL
A lecturer fulfilling the role of parent and guardian to the students in providing teaching and learning support with reference to the cognitive, psychomotor, and affective domains of Bloom’s taxonomy.
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