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What is Board Game

Handbook of Research on International Approaches and Practices for Gamifying Mathematics
A game that is played on a printed surface by one or more people usually sitting around a table; it might include the use of cards or dice.
Published in Chapter:
Teachers' Struggling in Identifying the Semiotic Potential of Mathematical Board Games
Andrea Maffia (University of Pavia, Italy) and Liliana Silva (University of Messina, Italy)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9660-9.ch017
There is a small but still growing body of literature about the implementation of board games as means for teaching mathematics. Researchers have noticed the opportunities provided by specific board games in developing number sense. However, there are empirical results showing that primary teachers can struggle in understanding the potential of a given mathematical board game and then find difficulties in employing the game in their classes. This chapter contributes to this stream of research by realizing an a priori analysis of the semiotic potential of the game Shut the Box in respect to the development of foundational number sense. This analysis is compared to the analysis provided by teachers. While several of the potentialities of the game emerge from the interviewees, most of their analysis are incomplete. Teachers' knowledge, attitudes, and their experience in using the game in their classes appear to play a role in their analysis.
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Scientific Workflows for Game Analytics
a game where action takes place on a board (mesh, grid), usually with pawns, where rules typically cover aspects of game playing such as how pawns may move, how players take turns in playing, when the game is deemed to have finished.
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Board Games AI
It is a game in which two or more players take turns in placing or moving pieces on a pre-marked surface or board, according to a set of rules.
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