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What is Citation

Handbook of Research on Higher Education in the MENA Region: Policy and Practice
Number of times an academic publication is used as a reference in another publication.
Published in Chapter:
Higher Education in MENA through Global Lenses: Lessons Learned from International Rankings
Shadi Hijazi (QS Intelligence Unit, UK), Ben Sowter (QS Intelligence Unit, UK), and Hillol Nag (QS Intelligence Unit, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-4666-6198-1.ch003
The Higher Education sector has witnessed heightened interest in global rankings and rating systems, particularly since the 1990s, due to increased internationalisation. The purpose of this chapter is to introduce the main rankings systems of world universities, and to respectively analyse the performance of Arab universities in the MENA region. The region's performance in global rankings clearly highlights the need for increasing commitment to research by MENA universities and academic authorities. It also illustrates regional disparities among different countries and institutions, as a result of increasing investment and awareness of international competitiveness. Further development for the region's universities would benefit from understanding the overall scenario presented by global rankings and from using such rankings and other policy tools to drive institutional and national development.
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Information Processing in Research Paper Recommender System Classes
A way in which you inform your reader that certain materials in your work came from another source. It is a quotation from a book, paper, or author.
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Activating the Networked Object for a Complex World
A term used to refer to the more ephemeral, polysemous, serendipitous, fluid and mobile nature of object meaning.
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Science Mapping
A reference made to a published article by a subsequently published article.
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Citation Analysis and Theory
A statement in a text that refers to an earlier text, presumably one that has influenced the citing text.
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Basics of Research Report Writing for Behavioural Science Students and Emerging Scholars
Citation simply refers to an acknowledgement given to an author or a source for using their work. The aim of citation is to let readers know the original source where a piece of information presented in a document has been derived.
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The Poetics of Videogames: The Logic of Sense and Meaning in the Videoludic Discourse
A type of intertextual relationship in which a text appears physically in an another. It is an invocation or effective appeal.
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