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What is Collective

Guide to Integrating Problem-Based Learning Programs in Higher Education Classrooms: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
A group of individuals working toward the same goal.
Published in Chapter:
Problem-Based Learning Classroom Models in Higher Education
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8177-3.ch007
This chapter will introduce the reader to a variety of models that can be used to develop a problem-based learning program. The models range from a simple three-step model in which the problem is first defined. Then a solution is researched and implied, and finally, the solution is evaluated to determine if it was the correct choice or if another answer needs to be found. As each additional model is discussed, a new phase is attached. In the four-step model, research is added; in the five-step model, brainstorming; and in the six-step model, presentation of the results is the added phase. The last two models, seven- and eight-step models, are both more student centered than the others. The pair focus on the students' ability to use self-direction and problem solve, whereas the previous models more or less assume the students already apply these skills.
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Leveraging Collective Wisdom to Impact Workplace Culture
Wisdom: A shared understanding of wise behaviors that are collected and curated by an interconnected group to create a beneficial course of action for the group, communities, and society.
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How the Crowd Can Teach
The loosest aggregation of the Many, an amalgam of algorithm and individual activities, exemplified in tag clouds, collaborative filters and rating systems.
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