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What is Coloniality

Transformative Intercultural Global Education
Practices, habits mindsets that sustain colonialism even after decolonization.
Published in Chapter:
Using Translanguaging to Promote Social Justice in South African and Zimbabwean Primary Schools
William Chakabwata (University of South Africa, South Africa)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 16
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-2057-0.ch020
The chapter analyses the use of English as an official language in South Africa and Zimbabwe primary schools, at the expense of the children's home language. The literacy levels of children in South African primary schools are dismal, a factor which may partly be attributed to the challenges associated with using a language of instruction that is different from the home language. Government officials, parents, learners, and stakeholders from industry continue to uphold the superiority of English over indigenous languages, in spite of the evidence that bilingual/multilingualism has numerous benefits for learners. The chapter uses decolonial and postcolonial theory to illuminate the discussion on the use of English as official language of communication. Finally, translanguaging is advocated as the appropriate policy response to promote social justice in primary schools in South Africa and Zimbabwe.
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Funds of Perezhivanie: Creating Cracks in the Walls of Oppression
A structure of principles and practices that founds modernity and engenders forms of exploration and domination of being, seeing, doing, thinking, feeling, and acting.
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The Ambit of Ethics in the South African Academic Institutions: Experience of Coloniality
Is a long-standing patterns of power that occurred ensuing from colonialism. These designs further define knowledge production, culture, labour, and inter-subjective relations.
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A New Border Pedagogy: Rethinking Outbound Mobility Programs in the Asian Century
Refers to the organisation and systemic distribution of power through the control of access to knowledge, moral and artistic resources by the dominant group.
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Decolonising Special Education Using Ubuntu Lens
The continuation of a colonial mindset even after physical colonialism has ended.
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Dimensions of Culturally-Intensive STEM Education: Looking to the Source
Structures and practices derived from settler colonialism and colonial governance that continue to influence social institutions and relations in the present, even though they originally are derived from an era that many now believe is in the past.
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Indigenous African Knowledge System (IAKS) Ethos: Prospects for a Post-Colonial Curriculum
A concept that relates to the manner in which colonialism sustains itself despite the so called freedoms that were gained by the previously oppressed or colonised populace.
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Using Mother Tongue in Teaching of STEM for Sustainable Development in Zimbabwe
A mindset that is programmed to function using a Eurocentric mindset in the previously colonized states.
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