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What is Constraint

Handbook of Research on Integrating Digital Technology With Literacy Pedagogies
The inverse of an affordance, a constraint is a limitation on action(s) imposed by a tool. All tools have constraints.
Published in Chapter:
Designing for Purpose-Driven Technology Use Among Preservice English Teachers
Jennifer M. Higgs (University of California, Davis, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0246-4.ch023
This chapter reports on a case study of a 12-week technology course for preservice English language arts teachers in which the teacher educator attempted to shift away from tool-centric approaches by foregrounding purpose-driven tool use and project-based learning experiences. Findings from analyses of classroom, interview, and survey data suggested that specific design choices helped to promote purpose-driven technology use for literacy learning. These included the instructor's articulation and modeling of a “pedagogy first” stance that centered pedagogical reasons for digital tool use and affordances of digital tools, and the organization of a project-based learning environment that engaged preservice teachers in hands-on exploration of digitally mediated ELA learning through continual cycles of making, sharing, and reflecting on digital artifacts.
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More Results
Decision-Making for Biomass Harvesting Routing by using the Simulated Annealing
The optimization expresses the limits of the investigated problem.
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Constraint Processing
Any relation between a subset of decision variables. Can be expressed extensionally, as a set of value tuples satisfying the constraint, or intentionally, using an arithmetical or logical formula between the variables, for example A+B?
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Linear Programming
A restriction that must be satisfied by a solution. It is an equation or inequality that rules out certain combinations of decision variables as feasible solution.
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Innovation Leading Organizations
A condition that prevents a system (or organization) to achieve its goals.
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Distributed Constraint Reasoning
A relation between variables specifying a subset of their Cartesian product that is not permitted. Optionally it can also specify numeric penalties for those tuples.
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The Role of the Business Analyst in Green ICT
restriction imposed on the choices available to the developer of a software program for a legitimate reason.
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Using Google Drive to Write Dialogically with Teachers
The perceived properties of a tool that represent limits of its use. Like affordances, these properties have social, cultural, and historical significance and meaning.
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A Use-Centered Strategy for Designing E-Collaboration Systems
A limitation of possibilities.
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The Structural and Dialogic Aspects of Language Massive Open Online Courses (LMOOCs): A Case Study
A feature or characteristic of something that makes it harder for its users to perform an action.
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