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What is Customer Feedback

Handbook of Research on AI and Machine Learning Applications in Customer Support and Analytics
Refers to the opinions and comments shared by customers about their experience with a restaurant. Customer reviews and sentiment analysis can provide valuable information on factors that drive customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, which can help restaurants improve their offerings and increase revenue.
Published in Chapter:
Restaurant Sales Prediction Using Machine Learning
S M Nazmuz Sakib (International MBA Institute, School of Business and Trade, Dhaka International University, Bangladesh)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-7105-0.ch011
In general, the revenue forecast, offer information, and the weather gauge setting will record an accurate estimate of any restaurant's future revenue. The turnover is significantly focused on the need of the customers. Either way, the performance has transformed over the past couple of years with the presentation of huge amounts of information and calculations during the time taken to gain the upper hand. It is fundamental to learn and understand the importance of the information that will be used in any business process. Again, climate forecasting can be done alongside business expectations with the organization.
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Social Media as a Channel of Constructive Dialogue for Tourism Businesses
The positive or negative information transmitted by customers to businesses about the quality of services provided and the degree of satisfaction.
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