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What is Digital Scholarship

Handbook of Research on Learner-Centered Pedagogy in Teacher Education and Professional Development
Digital scholarship involves more than using information and communication technologies to research, teach, and collaborate. It includes embracing the open values, ideology, and potential of technologies derived from peer-to-peer networking in order to benefit both the academy and the society.
Published in Chapter:
Let the Learners Take the Lead for Their Lifelong Learning Journey
Ebba Ossiannilsson (International Council for Open and Distance Education (ICDE), Norway & European Distance and e-Learning Network (EDEN), UK & Swedish Association for Distance Education (SADE), Sweden)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-0892-2.ch009
This chapter is centered on the importance of letting learners take the lead in their lifelong educational journey, meeting the challenges that they encounter. Additionally, the chapter focuses on new modes of learning in the digital era. The role transfers and professional development of managers, leaders, and academics are discussed, as well as the need for the development of digital academic scholarship. The chapter also highlights the inappropriateness of the traditional top-down approach in the educational system in favor of rhizomatic pathways. Further discussion is needed about what open education means in terms of equity, inclusiveness, and access, with particular regard to letting learners take the lead and orchestrate their own learning.
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Expanding Scale and Deepening Engagement in Digital Humanities: From an Overview of Hong Kong to Institution-Specific Outcomes and Future Directions
In Hong Kong, universities and libraries tend to use the term “Digital Scholarship” instead of “Digital Humanities” so as to convey a message to the university communities that this methodology is not limited to the humanities, but can be applied to all disciplines.
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Re-Imagining and Re-Structuring Scholarship, Teaching, and Learning in Digital Environments
Digital Scholarship advances research by incorporating emerging digital tools and processes such as data visualization, network analysis, text-analytic techniques, GIS/mapping, and data-mining.
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Emergent Forms of Technology-Influenced Scholarship
An emergent form of scholarship that emphasizes the use of digital technologies to support efficiency.
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Leadership in Global Open, Online, and Distance Learning
Digital scholarship encompasses the use of digital evidence, methods of inquiry, research, publication, and preservation to achieve scholarly and research goals. Digital scholarship includes both scholarly communication using digital media and research on digital media. An important issue in digital scholarship is the effort to establish digital media and social media as credible, professional, and legitimate means of research and communication Digital scholarship has a close association with digital humanities and connectivism. Digital scholarship is also understood as the “born-digital” means of scholarly communication, which is traditional, such as online journals and databases, e-mail correspondence, as well as digital and digitized collections of research and academic libraries. Digital scholarship is concerned with the production and distribution of digital media, discussions about copyright, fair use, and digital rights management (DRM), stating that combined with open access, digital scholarship is an affordable and open model of scholarly communication.
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Orienting Data Services in the Library: Evolution of a Digital Scholarship Services Department
Any scholarly activity that makes extensive use of one or more of new digital media technologies, such as new forms of collaboration, new forms of publication, and new methods for visualizing and analyzing data.
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Teaching Digital Competence and Scholarly Communication: Ten Years Moving Researchers to Digital Scholarship at Pablo de Olavide University
Is the use of digital evidence and method, digital authoring, digital publishing, digital curation and preservation, and digital use and reuse of scholarship.
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Scholarly Identity in an Increasingly Open and Digitally Connected World
An emergent form of scholarship that emphasizes the use of digital technologies to support efficiency.
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