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What is Digital World

Managing and Designing Online Courses in Ubiquitous Learning Environments
The articulation of the dominance of the use of technology in the modern-day society.
Published in Chapter:
Online Learning Support in a Ubiquitous Learning Environment
Ramashego Shila Mphahlele (University of South Africa, South Africa)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9779-7.ch001
The ubiquitous learning environment (ULE) is both an ontological and epistemological problem. For most scholars, ULE provides an interoperable, pervasive, and seamless learning architecture to connect, integrate, and share three major dimensions of learning resources: learning collaborators, learning contents, and learning services. Furthermore, ULE is described as an educational paradigm that mainly uses technology for curriculum delivery. Through reflection and exploration, this chapter argues that online learning support has a symbiotic relationship with ULE because the student, at some point, should move beyond the “text” level into concepts and conceptual organization schemes (ontologies). In line with this viewpoint, this chapter problematizes the gap created by real-world and digital-world resources—and argues that online learning support for teaching and learning processes have not yet emulated ULE as an important pedagogical resource.
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Digital Future(s)
The human world – existing, emerging and probable – being driven and transformed by technology, and by digitized ICTs, in particular. The world will have new qualities in most human spheres and activities. Digital effects – though not exhausting all characteristics – facilitate the coining of this metaphorical qualification.
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Challenges for the Creation of an International Online University in a Controversial Environment: Chilean Higher Education System Case
Virtual environment composed and developed by Internet and digital devices. People can connect from any place of the world through technology allowing access to all type of information and communication.
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Digital Literacy in the World of Digital Natives
The state of digitalization of every field of life with the acceleration of technological developments after 1980.
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Engineering Education: Towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution
The world of digital tools and technologies to inform and communicate.
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A Systematic Review of the Literature on Digital Citizenship
The digital world is the name given to a concept by former US vice president Al Gore in 1998 that describes a virtual representation of the world that is geo-referenced and linked to digital information archives of the world.
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The Digital World and the Elements in Digital Communication and FL Learning
The virtual environment that is constructed and developed through computers and enhanced by the Internet, and contains or allows processing and storing of digitalized data.
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