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What is Socio-Environmental Crisis

Handbook of Research on Using Disruptive Methodologies and Game-Based Learning to Foster Transversal Skills
Process of change involving serious consequences and affecting society and the environment that supports it. It causes uncertainty and it is characterized by its global and multi-faceted nature, which cannot be limited to a specific geographical area. Its causes are related to human activity and its effects go beyond the ecological impact on Nature, as they affect human societies, economies, and territorial balance directly. The socio-environmental crisis involves a complex network of interrelated causes and effects, including the climate crisis, the biodiversity crisis, and the social and community crisis.
Published in Chapter:
Dramatizing the Climate Emergency: Thinking Up New Cultural Mediators in Environmental Education
M. Lucía Iglesias da Cunha (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain), Miguel Pardellas Santiago (Feitoría Verde, Spain), and Pablo Ángel Meira Cartea (University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8645-7.ch011
The scientific community has been warning for some time about the climate emergency. However, the population does not generally perceive it as a relevant element in their daily lives. The activities carried out in the project RESCLIMA, both from the point of view of research on social representations of climate change and from the point of view of education and communication on climate change, have made apparent the need to build new educational strategies aimed at the adult and young public. This chapter presents the steps taken in this process ranging from the development of educational activities with senior target groups in socio-cultural centers to the production of a theatrical play that allows sharing in cultural and educational centers thoughts on how to tackle challenges associated with climate change. In the latter case, the play is accompanied by complementary activities, such as theater workshops, where young people can explore utopian or dystopian futures that can help them understand the complex problem of the present state of the climate emergency.
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