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What is Drawing

Understanding Parent Experiences and Supporting Autistic Children in the K-12 School System
A picture of diagram made with pencil, pen, crayon, charcoal, etc.
Published in Chapter:
Considering the Visual Arts and the Autism Spectrum
Judy Ruth Williamson (Texas Christian University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7732-5.ch008
This chapter explores the visual arts and the autism spectrum. Descriptions and working definitions of “visual arts” and “autism spectrum” will be presented. The four defining and observable characteristics that make the autism spectrum will be considered. The purpose of the autism spectrum coordinates increasing possibilities that need to be discussed and evaluated for each person by many people. Five disabilities that preceded the autism spectrum organization will be identified. The five disabilities have been joined together in the autism spectrum. The authors invite people identified as being on the autism spectrum to consider engaging in art activities often. Art is a joyful activity for many people. Some people who are on the autism spectrum seem to be very artistic. This observation is being studied and discussed by many professionals at this time. What are positive ways for people on the autism spectrum to express their artistic talents?
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The Evolution of Drawing as an Equitable Way to Assess ELLs in a Middle School Science Classroom
In this chapter, we have adopted the definition of drawing as defined by Quillin and Thomas (2015) : “A learner- generated external visual representation depicting any type of content, whether structure, relationship, or process, created in static two dimensions in any medium” (p. 2).
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The Decreasing Fortune of the Drawing in the Architectural Processes: From Control and Development to Verification
As an integral part of thinking, drawing is a critical selection of elements and the visualization of their both formal and relational values through signs and symbols.
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