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What is Educational Content

Transforming Education With Generative AI: Prompt Engineering and Synthetic Content Creation
This term refers to the actual subject matter or information that is to be taught and learned. It encompasses the theories, concepts, facts, and information across various academic disciplines. Educational content is the foundation of the educational process, focusing on the “what” of teaching. It includes the core curriculum in schools and universities, the syllabus of a course, or the topics covered in an educational program. Essentially, it is the knowledge and understanding that educators aim to convey to learners.
Published in Chapter:
Innovative Curriculum Development and Content Creation With Generative AI
Ilker Kayabas (Anadolu University, Turkey)
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-1351-0.ch022
In the digital age, generative AI significantly influences various industries, especially education. It merges with traditional teaching methods, promising a new era of educational possibilities. This chapter delves into generative AI's impact on content creation and curriculum design, discussing its evolution and benefits like producing diverse, scalable educational materials and adaptive curricula personalized for learners. Real-world examples and case studies underscore its practical impact. Nonetheless, the chapter addresses ethical and pedagogical challenges and the complexity of integrating this technology. It also speculates on generative AI's future interactions with emerging technologies and its broader effects on education systems. Targeting educators, policymakers, and edtech enthusiasts, the chapter serves as a guide and insight provider for navigating this evolving landscape responsibly.
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Digital Communication in the Inclusive Classroom
A structured subject content used in the educational process, as well as information resources, online platforms, and services.
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