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What is Skills Gap

Handbook of Research on Promoting Higher-Order Skills and Global Competencies in Life and Work
A gap between the skills needed for a job requiring a given level of education versus those skills possessed by workers for a similar level of education.
Published in Chapter:
Essential Skills for the 21st Century Workforce
Maureen N. Short (North Carolina Central University, USA) and Yolanda Keller-Bell (North Carolina Central University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6331-0.ch009
This chapter contends that increasing technological innovation has disrupted and continues to disrupt the labor markets making some jobs obsolete and workers redundant. The key to success in the twenty-first century and future labor markets is to combine hard and soft skills into a comprehensive package tailored to specific needs including the ability to think clearly about complex problems, apply creative and innovation solutions to solve problems, and apply new knowledge and skills in new settings. This chapter will provide a discussion of some of the reasons underlying the demand for higher workforce skills and a descriptive overview of curricula and pedagogy that promote students' acquisition and application of critical thinking skills as well as other skills considered essential for 21st century workforce.
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Transforming the Productivity of People in the Built Environment: Emergence of a Digital Competency Management Ecosystem
Occurs when businesses do not have sufficient staff with the required skills in their existing workforces and willing to move to the next role or job or activity.
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Increasing the Visibility of Graduate Students' Employability Skills: An ePortfolio Solution Addressing the Skills Gap
The mismatch between the skills in demand by employers in the labour market and those the workforce possesses.
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Redefining the Role of Higher Education in Africa: Panacea to Growing Global Skills Gap and Other Challenges
Variance between higher education graduates' present aptitudes or competencies and the skillset best matching the current industry.
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International Business Staffing Challenges and the Growing Global Skills Gap in the New Post-COVID-19 Environment: A Latin American and Caribbean Perspective
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Building Education and Technology Competencies for a Changing Society
The mismatch between a worker’s current skill levels and the skill levels that are needed for specific positions.
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Utilization of Industry 4.0 Technologies in Nigerian Technical and Vocational Education: A Conundrum for Educators
The disparity between the skills possessed by individuals and the skills demanded by industries or job markets, often highlighting areas where education and training need improvement.
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Visibilization of Graduating Student Employability Skills via ePortfolio Practices: Evidence From East African HE Institutions
A discrepancy between the skills that employers demand and the current skills supplied by education institutes. This discrepancy makes it difficult for individuals to find jobs and for employers to find workers.
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