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What is Self-Directed Learner

Driving Innovation With For-Profit Adult Higher Education Online Institutions
An individual that can teach themselves new theories and concepts with minimal instruction or guidance. A self-directed learner actively pursues additional information such as outside resources before asking for clarification or support from others.
Published in Chapter:
For-Profit Online Learning: The Student Experience
Jessica Kennington (Capella University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9098-0.ch013
This chapter explores the author's experience as an online student at the master's and doctoral levels. This autoethnographic study discusses her experience with academic support, the curriculum and teaching methods, and how the author worked through her dissertation without meeting her mentor or committee members in person. The author also discusses how she overcame challenges, such as competing priorities and feeling isolated due to the lack of in-person contact. The chapter aims to provide a guideline for other online students that may help them through similar circumstances and provides recommendations for how academic administrators can adjust curriculum and resources to improve the student experience. Key factors related to the author's success were determined to be time management skills and the ability to be a self-directed learner. Recommendations include flexible program structures, assignment and grading rubric alignment, experiential learning project incorporation, and earlier interactions with potential mentors.
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Using Blended Learning and Emerging Technologies to Transform the Adult Learning Experience
A learner that takes on the responsibility of designing, implementing, and evaluating their own learning projects.
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Object-Oriented Faculty Development: Training Teachers with Learning Objects
a student who feels comfortable exploring a learning environment at his/her own pace and who can utilize an instructor as a guide for, rather than the leader of, a course
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Ipsative Assessment of Essay Writing to Foster Reflection and Self-Awareness of Progress
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Key Aspects of Teaching and Learning in the Online Environment
A learner that is self-motivated and shows initiative and responsibility by setting their own goals, selecting resources, and identifying priorities for learning tasks or topics.
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Metacognitive Knowledge and Language Learning in a Web-Based Distance Learning Context: The Case of Adult EFL Learners in China
An individual who takes the initiative and the responsibility for what occurs through selecting, managing, and assessing one’s own learning activities.
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