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What is Care

Creating Caring and Supportive Educational Environments for Meaningful Learning
A desired quality of interpersonal relationships in which members are mutually committed to the success and wellbeing of the other.
Published in Chapter:
From Caring to Cared For: Prioritizing an Ethic of Care for Special Educators
Lindsey A. Chapman (University of Miami, USA) and Chelsea T. Morris (University of Miami, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5748-7.ch006
Special educators dedicate their careers to caring for one of the most vulnerable and historically marginalized populations of students despite often working in environments that do little to reciprocate this care. Amidst an ever-changing education landscape, special education teachers are becoming increasingly stressed, experiencing burnout at alarming rates, and far too frequently leaving the field altogether. In this chapter, caring school leadership is examined in the context of special education. The authors seek to bridge a theoretical stance with practical application to the field. Three necessary conditions for caring are discussed and specific “transactions of care” are recommended. The chapter concludes by upholding the idea that ensuring special educators feel cared for by school leaders has the potential to mitigate issues of poor working conditions, teacher retention, and consequently, promote positive outcomes for students with disabilities.
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Collegiality vs. Competition: The Five Cs of Collegiality
A verb that denotes to have concern or thought about another person. It can be an action, as in “to care” for another, or it can be a concept or idea “to care about” another person.
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The Condition of Vulnerability in the Educational Context: Ethical Considerations and Juridical Perspectives
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This Seed Will Bear No Fruit: Older People's Perception About Old People's Home in Selected Local Government Areas in Osun State of South-Western Nigeria
Care as used here, implies the provision of physical, psychological, social, and material assistance to an older person where such an older person is unable to provide for himself or herself. It includes the service aimed at promoting the quality of life and general well-being of the older person.
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