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What is Gifted

Strategies and Considerations for Educating the Academically Gifted
Students’ who display academic excellence and superior performance relative to their peers ( Subotnik et al., 2011 ).
Published in Chapter:
Counseling Gifted Black Students
Delila Owens (The University of Akron, USA) and Lorise D. Grey (Walden University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-6684-6677-3.ch010
Gifted students are often regarded as the privileged recipients of the best a school district has to offer. On the one hand, gifted students have access to the best teachers, the most rigorous curriculum, and the best postsecondary options. However, gifted Black students also face unique academic, social/emotional, and college/career challenges, and a lot of brilliant Black students are overlooked. A major thrust of this chapter is to identify some conditions or barriers that cause the underrepresentation of Black students in gifted education and offer recommendations to support student achievement.
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Philosophy and Psychology as Influences on Gifted and Talented Education in the 21st Century Education
Individuals are identified as gifted and/or talented when their ability, according to some objective measure, is above the norm for their age. Individuals may be identified as talented when they may be gifted in one or more areas, but objective measures do not detect said giftedness. For expediency only “gifted” is used in this chapter.
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The Twice-Exceptional (2E) Truth: The Complex Characteristics and Needs of 2E Preservice Teachers in Postsecondary Settings
Individuals with ability significantly above their age level peers in one or more domains. There are multiple definitions for gifted all which center around the domains of intelligence, leadership, creativity, and various academic areas.
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Gifted Education and Lessons Learned During the Pandemic
The National Association of Gifted Children (NAGC) classifies gifted learners as those students that demonstrate exceptional levels of aptitude or competence and achieve within the top 10% as compared to peers.
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Evolution of the Definition of “Academically Gifted”
An individual who possesses exceptional talent or natural ability.
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