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What is Global Best Practices

Quality Management Implementation in Higher Education: Practices, Models, and Case Studies
These refer to certain methods, techniques, mechanisms and practices that have been tested and found to be result oriented at a global level. They refer to those practices that have worked and produced results globally and as such, can serve as examples and templates; and set the pace for others to follow.
Published in Chapter:
Benchmarking Global Best Practices for Improving Higher Education Quality in Africa
Harrison Adewale Idowu (Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9829-9.ch004
Given the deplorable state of higher education and the relatively poor attention given to education by African leaders and university administrators, the chapter interrogates global best practices in higher education and how Africa can key into this. Europe and the Asian Tigers, considered to have made significant progress in quality of higher education, are used as benchmarks for best practices in higher education. Relying on the review of extant relevant literature and document analysis, the chapter finds that practices such as massive inclusion of vocational and technical trainings in higher education curricula; increase budgetary allocations to higher education and policy implementation beyond mere formulation have impacted positively on higher education in Europe and among the Asian Tigers. As such, the chapter concludes that if Africa must make significant progress and improve on the quality of its higher education, it must begin to use these practices.
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