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What is Group Work

Analyzing Workplace Deviance in Modern Organizations
A group of employees working with coordination in line with business objectives.
Published in Chapter:
Organizational Parasites: Are Our Efforts Equal?
Selcen Seda Turksoy (Ege Universtiy, Turkey) and Ozkan Tutuncu (Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 25
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9996-8.ch011
The efficient work of the employees is important for the adaptation of the business to the rapidly changing environmental conditions. Businesses should identify the factors that affect employee productivity and emerging threats because the efficient level of performance and the measurability of this output lead to rational use of the resources. Employees who do not fulfill their duties and responsibilities in the organization and take a share from the group product may lead to deviations in reaching the targets set by the organization. Justice in the organization, trust, the deterioration in the values may adversely affect the process. The existence of such employees is the indicator of parasitic relations in organizations. In literature, the number of applied studies is limited. The strength of the study is to provide a detailed evaluation and measurement tool in the subject of parasitism in organizations. The scale of parasitism was developed with self-directed and community-directed dimensions consisting of 20 statements and was validated by EFA, CFA, and reliability analysis.
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More Results
Competition and Collaboration in Translation Education: The Motivational Impact of Translation Contests
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Implementing TILT in Business Education: Content, Pedagogies, and a Generalized Toolkit
An instructional method where students are placed in groups and assigned work. There is a specific outcome expected of the group work. The criteria for evaluating group work often includes both this outcome as well as the effort itself.
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Security of Web Servers and Web Services
Group work can be defined as a kind of activity in which 2, 3, or 4 individuals commonly work together to achieve a specified task.
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Creating Collaboration in Global Online Learning: Case Studies
A teaching and learning strategy in which students work together in either a face-to-face or an online environment. In cooperative groups, students solve practical problems by bringing their expertise and experience to the table; in collaborative groups students construct a new way of viewing an issue; and in transformative groups students reflect on their assumptions, beliefs, and perspectives.
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Do Chinese Students in Public and Private Higher Education Institutes Perform at Different Level in One of the Leadership Skills: Critical Thinking?: An Exploratory Comparison
Group work is a very common approach used by many academics in improving students’ learning effectiveness on relevant knowledge points; group work can enhance students’ engagement in the learning and improve their CT skills’ development and application through interactive communication between team members.
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Cooperative Learning in Online Accounting Education: Challenges, Benefits, and Drawbacks
A technique within the field of social work wherein various groups, for instance educational and recreational, are guided by an agency leader to more effective personal adjustment and community participation.
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Transforming the World Language Classroom Through Instructor Self-Assessment and Reflection
In a world language class, group work describes any collaborative interaction among learners. Group work may include pair exercises (such as low-stakes conversations, info-gap activities that require students to negotiate meaning, and think/pair/share exercises) or exercises that involve more than one interlocutor (such as class-wide surveys, party games, or wagon-wheel activities, where partners rotate frequently).
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