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What is Hedonic Consumption

Enhancing and Predicting Digital Consumer Behavior with AI
Consumption of products for sensory gratification, fun and enjoyment and affective purposes and evaluated primarily on taste, sensory experience, symbolic meaning and aesthetics ( Lim & Ang, 2008 ).
Published in Chapter:
The Behavioural Impact of Artificial Intelligence: Theory of Consumption Value Perspective
BMAM Balasooriya (Southern Cross University, Australia), Darshana Sedera (Southern Cross University, Australia), and Golam Sorwar (Southern Cross University, Australia)
Copyright: © 2024 |Pages: 19
DOI: 10.4018/979-8-3693-4453-8.ch016
Artificial intelligence (AI) is a constantly evolving frontier of innovative computing capabilities rather than a single technology or group of technologies. Whenever a person picks up their smartphone, AI systems operate in the background. This scenario implies that individuals now find themselves involved with AI, irrespective of their awareness. The increasing adoption of AI-enabled systems has significant consequences for society, organizations, and individuals. AI has permeated every aspect of human life, impacting individuals' choices, preferences, and behaviour in numerous ways. It is essential to comprehend these new behaviours in order to predict how human behaviour will evolve in AI-infused environments. This study focuses mainly on how consumption values affect the behavioural intention to use AI with different contributions. The suggested study strategy takes a two-phase method to completely investigate the elements influencing behavioural intentions towards behavioural intention to use AI.
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Influence of Mental Accounting on the Financial Well-Being of Young Adults
This is the opposite of utilitarian consumption which defines the multisensory images, emotional arousal, and fantasies in consuming the products or services.
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A Research on Hedonic and Utilitarian Consumption Behavior of Young Consumers on Big Discount Days
It is defined as an emotional or imaginative experience of the product with the effect of taste from the pleasure stage of consumption.
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Emotion Tracking: Possibilities for Measuring Emotional Consumer Experiences
Consumption that focuses on consumers’ hedonic preferences and appetites, highlighting the importance of consumer experiences, which represent the extraordinary and emotional rather than the ordinary and cognitive utilitarian consumer experiences.
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From Utilitarian to Hedonic Consumer Behavior: An Evaluation for the Socio-Digital Age
It is a form of consumption that deals with the emotional dimension of consumption and focuses on completing and sustaining emotional pleasure.
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