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What is Humanoid Robot

Handbook of Research on Acquiring 21st Century Literacy Skills Through Game-Based Learning
A robot with its body shape built to resemble the human body.
Published in Chapter:
The Application of AI Teachers in Facilitating Game-Based Literacy Learning: An Introduction to Theories and Evidence-Based Tools
Yixun Li (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong) and Lin Zou (Primary School Affiliated to South China Normal University, China)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7271-9.ch020
This chapter discusses the theoretical frameworks for artificial intelligence (AI) teachers and how AI teachers have been applied to facilitate game-based literacy learning in existing empirical studies. While the application of artificial intelligence (AI) in education is a relatively emerging research area, it has received increasing attention in the scientific community. In the future, AI teachers are likely to be able to serve as powerful supplementary tools in classroom teaching in support of human teachers. The main goal here is to provide the readers with new insights on promoting game-based literacy learning from the perspectives of AI teachers. To this end, the authors introduce the readers to the key concepts of AI teachers, the merits and demerits of AI teachers in education, scientific research on AI teachers in literacy learning, and some highlighted examples of AI teachers in literacy classrooms for practical concerns.
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Use of Humanoid Robots for Students With Intellectual Disabilities
A robot that resembles people in basic form. Generally, it is built with the same basic physical structure and kinetic capabilities as humans, and has cognitive abilities and social interaction skills.
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Use of Robots to Help Students With Diverse Needs: Concepts, Opportunities, and Challenges
It is a robot with body shape resembling the human body and ability to mimic human motion and interaction.
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Non-Manual Control Devices: Direct Brain-Computer Interaction
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