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What is Informal Communication

Encyclopedia of Distance Learning, Second Edition
Communication that is neither institutionally planned nor functionally defined, but opportunistic and spontaneous.
Published in Chapter:
Informal Communication in Virtual Learning Environments
Werner Beuschel (University of Applied Sciences - Brandenburg, Germany), Birgit Gaiser (Knowledge Media Research Center - Teubingen, Germany), and Susanne Draheim (University of Applied Sciences - Brandenburg, Germany)
Copyright: © 2009 |Pages: 5
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-198-8.ch166
Learning environments increasingly become more diverse by the use of information technology. Thereby, the share of face-to-face situations between students as well as between students and mentors becomes smaller, while the share of encounters in virtual space is growing larger. Thus, computer mediated communication (CMC) is growing in importance in all learning environments. Since standard learning environments involve both formal and informal communication, it seems reasonable to claim that without informal communication students and faculty would have difficulties in sustaining the learning processes. Beyond the ever-growing exchange of formal content, the opportunity of informal communication appears increasingly essential for the successful pursuit of online studies.
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Trust in Computer Mediated Communication
Peer-oriented, spontaneous, and strongly interactive communication, helps to build social relationships. Used frequently by virtual teams.
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Informal Communication in a Formal Context: Practices in Higher Education
The communication that takes place between teacher-student; student-student and student-teacher outside the formal context of a classroom.
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Orchestrating the Multi-Channel Character of Formal and Informal Communication in
Informal communication is spontaneous communication, naturally occurring, and arises from the people’s needs for relatedness, affiliation, and security, independent of formal organization structure.
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