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What is Learning Designs

Handbook of Research on Learning Design and Learning Objects: Issues, Applications, and Technologies
Attempt to capture, represent, and communicate structures and sequences of activities that lead to successful learning. Developments in this area have been parallel but separate to the pedagogical patterns work, but there are strong potential links between the two.
Published in Chapter:
The Design of Learning Objects for Pedagogical Impact
Tom Boyle (London Metropolitan University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-59904-861-1.ch019
This chapter argues that good design has to be at the heart of developing effective learning objects. It briefly outlines the “knowledge engineering” approach to learning objects based on metadata and packaging. The knowledge engineering approach, however, ignores the issue of how to design and develop pedagogically effective learning objects. The chapter concentrates on the central issue of the design and development of learning objects. The first part of the chapter outlines and illustrates key design principles. The middle part of the chapter examines how these can be embedded in an “agile” development methodology for developing learning objects. The following section shows how effective designs can be captured and made available in a tool to support the authoring and repurposing of learning objects. Finally, the chapter examines the wider picture linking learning objects and learning designs and points to the challenge of “layered learning design.”
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Using Expert Reviews to Enhance Learning Designs
Learning designs are an amalgamation of Web functionality, learning materials/objects and/or activities, all arranged with specific learning intentions.
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Supporting Decision Making in Using Design Languages for Learning Designs and Learning Objects
Used to formalize—often following a standard specification—descriptions of roles, activities, constraints, and several other aspects involved in an instructional design.
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Developing a Taxonomy for Learning Designs
Refers to a variety of ways of designing student learning experiences, that is, the sequence of activities and interactions. The scope of a learning design may be at the level of a subject/unit or subject/unit components.
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Blended and Online Distance Learning in Indonesian Higher Education: A Systems Perspective
Various ways to design technology used for student learning experiences that include sequences of types of activities and interactions at the level of a subject or subject component.
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