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What is Log Analysis

Early Warning Systems and Targeted Interventions for Student Success in Online Courses
A process of reviewing, interpreting and understanding computer-generated records (logs) drawn from computer software.
Published in Chapter:
Shooting for the Stars: Micro-Persistence of Students in Game-Based Learning Environments
Rotem Israel-Fishelson (Tel Aviv University, Israel) and Arnon Hershkovitz (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-5074-8.ch012
Persistence is considered a crucial factor for success in online learning environments. However, in interactive game-based learning environments, persistence in progressing in the game may come at the expense of investing in each of the game's levels. That is, the motivation to complete the game may have a deleterious effect on learning at specific levels and hence on learning from the game in general. Therefore, it is imperative that research focuses on micro-persistence, i.e., persistence during each component of the learning process. Taking a learning analytics approach, this large-scale log-based study (N=25,812 elementary- and middle-school students) examines micro-persistence within the context of learning computational thinking, a key skill for the 21st-century. Data was collected and analyzed from an online, game-based learning environment (CodeMonkey™). Results suggest that the acquisition of computational thinking is a multi-dimensional process, and that persistence is a crucial factor for success in multi-level game-based learning environments. The authors also found that game-based learning environments may prove effective in narrowing the gap between high-and low-achieving students.
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More Results
Intelligent Log Analysis Using Machine and Deep Learning
The analysis of Logs to extract useful information for troubleshooting, monitoring, auditing, and other purposes.
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An Integrated Approach to Interaction Design and Log Analysis
The analysis of user behavior based on the actions recorded during interaction.
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Big Data Analytics for Intrusion Detection: An Overview
It seeks to extract knowledge about threats or malfunctions, from records generated by a device.
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