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What is Acceptance

Handbook of Research on Mobile Marketing Management
Acceptance is process by which something new is approved by a customer. It consists of a attitude acceptance and express itself in a behavioral acceptance of something, e.g. mobile communication.
Published in Chapter:
Mobile Customer Relationship Management (mCRM): Constraints and Challenges
Günter Silberer (University of Mannheim, Germany) and Sebastian Schulz (University of Göttingen, Germany)
Copyright: © 2010 |Pages: 17
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-60566-074-5.ch010
Customer Relationship Management is conducive to providing customer information and the correct way to deal with customers. After the advent of the world-wide-web (www), which brought an increase in customer data and intensified CRM discussions in its wake, we are now entering the age of computerized mobile communication with diverse possibilities to enlist the services of mobile people. This chapter outlines the new and latest technological developments and the resultant capabilities of mobile CRM. Looking to a future in which mobile marketing efforts may become increasingly important, the erosion of personal freedom and the threat to this freedom becomes all the more significant. The findings from reactance research do not only specify the reactance conditions but also the reactance consequences. Previous research has sometimes pointed to self-determination as an acceptance factor yet failed to analyze the reactance risk more closely. This chapter will attempt to close this gap. In this respect, the initial findings of an empirical study will be presented, revealing that the acceptance of mobile services is surprisingly low and the reactance risk for mobile services is not to be underestimated, and that reactance involves the corresponding behavior on the part of the user. The plea is to consider the acceptance risk in the mobile CRM of the future and select a customer-friendly permission policy.
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Trustfulness as a Key Factor of Competitiveness in Medium-Sized Companies in Colombia
It is related to approve, take for granted, or receive something voluntarily and without opposition.
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Acceptance of E-Reverse Auction From the Buyer Perspective
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21st Century Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
The degree of ease with which ideas and opinions are able to be shared.
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Parents and Siblings of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study
A term in human psychology, where a person recognizes a process or a condition, often a negative or uncomfortable situation.
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Consumer Acceptance of the Mobile Internet
The positive perception of the decision-making process with respect to a certain object that is new to an individual, potentially leading to adoption and usage. Acceptance includes both the attitudinal component (as part of consumer decision-making) and the behavioral intention component (as part of adoption and usage). The opposite of acceptance is resistance, that is, the negative perception of the decision-making process, leading to attitudinal and behavioral intention barriers.
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Navigating Organizational Change: From Resistance to Acceptance, Learning, and Growth
A willingness to tolerate and embrace a situation or reality.
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Factors Determining E-Shopping Compliance by Nigerians
This term simply refers to an individual’s resolution to adopt a technology.
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Mobile Customer Acquisition in the Swiss Health Care Industry: An Empirical Study
Acceptance (…) is contradictory to refusal and describes the positive acceptation of an innovation by the user.” (Simon, 2001, p. 87)
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Teachers' and Learners' Acceptance of the Use of Robotics in the Intermediate Phase
Refers to the ability to welcome or adopt something with a positive or negative attitude and it is based on previous experience ( Lai, 2017 ). In this study, acceptance refers to the ability of teachers and learners to adopt and integrate robotics in the Intermediate Phase.
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Mobile Loyalty Programs: Relevance for Relationship Management and Consumer Acceptance
Voluntary willingness to adopt patterns of behaviour and to use certain objects which, from the subjective perspective of an individual, are new.
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Learning to Follow Directions in English Through a Virtual Reality Environment: An Eye Tracking Study and Evaluation of Usability
A measure that establishes if users perceive the system to be easy to use, useful, with aesthetics and engaging or not.
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