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What is Combinatorial Optimization

Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management in Home Healthcare: Emerging Research and Opportunities
It is a subset of mathematical optimization that is related to operations research, algorithm theory, and computational complexity theory. It involves algorithmic techniques to solve discrete optimization problems within a finite set of possibilities.
Published in Chapter:
Optimization Approaches for a Home Healthcare Routing and Scheduling Problem: A Real Case From Medellin, Colombia
Juan Carlos Rivera (Mathematical Modeling Research Group, Universidad EAFIT, Colombia) and Victoria J. Zapata (Mathematical Modeling Research Group, Universidad EAFIT, Colombia)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-0268-6.ch005
Welfare community projects, mainly related to health care, are essential for the development of societies. For this reason, the optimization of its resources through methodologies that support decision making becomes of interest for all stakeholders in order to reach the target users. In Colombia, particularly in the city of Medellin, several social projects are being developed seeking to provide health and other social services to vulnerable populations. The purpose of this chapter is to deal with a real application of the home health care routing and scheduling problem (HHCRSP), in which a set of health professionals grouped by teams should visit a set of users geographically scatter over the city. Here, it is proposed a mixed integer linear model and a heuristic solution approach. The mathematical model is based on vehicle routing problem with pickups and deliveries (VRPPD) with additional features related with the specific application and geographical conditions.
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Experimental Analysis with Variable Neighborhood Search for Discrete Optimization Problems
Area of computer science that studies difficult combinatorial problems by means of the applications of algorithms theory trying to solve them bounding ad exploring their search space.
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A Comparison of Cooling Schedules for Simulated Annealing
Area of the optimization theory whose main aim is the analysis and the algorithmic solving of constrained optimization problems with discrete variables.
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Designing Parallel Meta-Heuristic Methods
Finding the optimal solution of a given problem, i.e., the one satisfying feasibility rules and yielding the extreme value of the objective function.
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Reinforcement Learning for Combinatorial Optimization
A subfield of optimization aims to find an optimal object from a finite set of objects where the set of feasible solutions is discrete or can be reduced to a discrete set.
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