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What is Proficiency Level

Trends and Developments for the Future of Language Education in Higher Education
the extent to which a language learner can understand or perform in a given language.
Published in Chapter:
An Analysis and Levelling of Reading Texts Across Arabic Textbooks Based on the CEFR Proficiency Levels
Salwa Mohamed (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-7226-9.ch004
This chapter analyses the reading content in four prominent Arabic textbook series that are widely used in the UK and USA to assess their reading proficiency progression. The reading texts in each series are analysed using the Dutch CEFR grid and assigned a level as per the CEFR proficiency scale. The findings reveal that there is a lack of consistency among the different textbook series with regards to how reading proficiency is construed at different levels, especially at the intermediate and higher levels. The chapter concludes by highlighting that Arabic material developers, textbook writers, and teachers would benefit from consulting a recognized and systematic reference of proficiency such as the CEFR in developing a comprehensive view of language proficiency in Arabic that includes defining common thematic areas, most needed and suitable functions, and relevant linguistic features for each language proficiency level.
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More Results
Use of Khan Academy and Mathematics Achievement: A Correlational Study With Long Beach Unified School District
Ranges of scaled scores are typically segmented into four achievement levels that denote proficiency levels such as below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced.
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Effecting Change in a Politically Charged Environment
A level based on a test score at which students are ranked at below, on, or above grade level.
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Interoperable Assessment Based on Competency Modelling
Indicates the level of proficiency that learners should or do possess of a particular competency.
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Sustainability and Competency-Based Learning at the University of Seville: Challenges and Opportunities in Educational Sciences
Each learning can be characterized as being in a more initial or mature developmental range, so establishing scaling processes helps to classify them.
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