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What is Queer

Developing, Delivering, and Sustaining School Counseling Practices Through a Culturally Affirming Lens
A term used to express a variety of identities which do not align with mainstream, heteronormative, and/or binary assumptions; the term has been/is sometimes used as a pejorative and has been reclaimed within the LGBTGEQIAP+ community during the 21 st century.
Published in Chapter:
Culturally Affirming School Counseling for LGBTGEQIAP+ Youth
Stacy A. Pinto (University of Denver, USA) and Jillian M. Blueford (University of Denver, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-9514-5.ch006
This chapter brings awareness to culturally affirming school counseling practices in support of youth who carry lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirit, gender expansive, queer, questioning, intersex, agender, asexual, aromantic, pan*, poly*, and other related identities (LGBTGEQIAP+) toward creating safe, inclusive, and affirming educational environments that foster connectedness and allow all students to develop and achieve consistent with their peers and abilities. The authors build and fortify the reader's awareness before outlining resources and practices in support of culturally affirming school counseling for LGBTGEQIAP+ youth by providing an overview of issues faced by this community and relevant standards and competencies for best practice in serving the population.
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Menstruation: A Conversation Beyond the Binary
The term is used to refer to gay and lesbian individuals.
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Dragging Academe Out of the Closet: Sissy Boy Strength, Gay Magic, and DIVA Pedagogy
A fluidic umbrella term referring to non-heterocentric sexual orientation, non-ciscentric gender identity, and/or varied gender expressions. An unconventional identity and sociological frame that resists rigid categorical labels.
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Stay Gold: An Intergenerational LGBTQIA+ Arts Program
Queer can be used as a way to identify that falls outside the heteronormative and can sometimes hold political meaning. It can also be used as a verb, “to queer” something, which means to either read something through a queer lens or to create or change something in a way that falls outside a heteronormative way of operating or functioning. We acknowledge that others may use this term in other ways.
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Sociopolitical Implications to Consider When Working With the LGBTQIA+ Community
An umbrella term used to reference multiple genders and sexual orientations. Queer may be considered offensive to some LGBTQ+ individuals.
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Queering the Curriculum: An Exploratory Study of Teachers' Perceptions on Integrating LGBTQ+-Inclusive Curriculum
An umbrella term that individuals may use to describe a sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression that does not conform to dominant societal norms.
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Social Justice Research Within the Appalachian Higher Education LGBTQ Community
An umbrella term for sexual and gender minorities that are not heterosexual or cisgender. The word “queer” was initially used pejoratively against those with same-sex desires, but, beginning in the late-1980s, queer scholars and activists began to reclaim the word.
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Queers, Fears, and Peers: Teacher Education and Creating Space to Address LGTIQ Issues in Elementary Classrooms
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Overview of the Gay Characters in the New Cinema of Turkey
An identity used to be vague or non-specific about a person's sexual orientation, identifying with the LGBT community as a whole. Also a description of people's non-heterosexual sexual orientations in a non-specific and unbiased manner.
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Transformational Pedagogy, or Teaching While Trans
An umbrella term for those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, Two-Spirit, intersex, asexual, and other non-normative gender or sexual identities (LGBTQIA+).
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Queering Identities: Representation in the Entertainment Industry
Umbrella term to encompass all sexualities and identities which are non-heterosexual.
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Contextualizing Healthcare Needs of the Transgender Community in Kerala: A Strategic Approach
People who do not conform to traditional ideas about gender or sexuality, especially the idea that everyone is either male or female or that people should only have sexual relationships with the opposite sex.
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Sounds of Silence: Patterns of Censorship and Resources for Change With LGBTQ+ Texts
More than sexual orientation, beyond binary gender identification.
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