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What is Relay

The Role of Language and Symbols in Promotional Strategies and Marketing Schemes
A term used to refer to one of the functions of the linguistic messages of print adverts. A relay happens when the linguistic features of a print advert work together with images to convey specific meanings. The relay amplifies the message conveyed by the visual components of the adverts.
Published in Chapter:
Marketing Christianity and Men of God Through the Use of Signs: A Study of Advertising Copies by Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches in Nigeria
Floribert Patrick C. Endong (University of Calabar, Nigeria)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5778-4.ch014
Most advertising copies designed by Nigerian Pentecostal Churches are rarely monosemic and hardly understandable from a literal exegesis. This is partly due to the fact that they most often integrate various typologies of signs and symbols. These signs are aimed (i) to quickly and effectively convey specific meanings to the readership and (ii) fashion the overall advertising messages according to the taste of the time. Based on a quantitative and qualitative content analysis of 490 advertising copies, this study reveals that 68.77% of the print advertisements generated by Nigerian Churches contain signs and symbols. Majority (56.08%) of these signs and symbols are Christian in nature (they are inspired by the universal Christian symbolism and iconography); while, 30.26% of them are rooted in the Nigerian socio-cultural context. The latter category of signs is commonly used in a postmodern or sensational manner, to make reference to local religious myths and specific socio-political events which seriously affect or shape Nigerian Pentecostal Christianities. This postmodern use of signs implicitly reveals that, the advertising message designers are conscious of the highly competitive environment in which churches and men of God operate in the country.
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Precoder Design for Cognitive Multiuser Multi-Way Relay Systems Using MSE Criterion
Intermediate node that receives, processes and forwards the signal from a source to the destination.
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Sustainable Growth for Cellular Wireless Networks
A station that relays messages between various points, so as to facilitate communications between units.
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Programmable Logic Controllers
An electrical switch, where the activating and output circuits are isolated.
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Representing Trump and Trumpism Through Caricature: A Semiotic Analysis of Selected Editorial Cartoons Published in Nasoweseeam
A term also coined by Roland Barth with respect to the function of words in print adverts and news photographs. Relays are verbal cues which re-enforce or re-iterate the message expressed by the visual components of a print advert or news photograph.
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From Overlay to Interplay: Subverting the Message and Creating the Surreal With Augmented Reality
A semiotic term to define the complimentary relationship between text and image. Through their relationship, their unity, a message is realized.
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