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What is Residency

Handbook of Research on Field-Based Teacher Education
A full-year placement in one classroom.
Published in Chapter:
Increasing Teacher Efficacy Through Rural Partnerships
Ann Schulte (California State University – Chico, USA) and Rebecca Justeson (California State University – Chico, USA)
Copyright: © 2019 |Pages: 22
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-6249-8.ch009
The rural teacher residency (RTR) program at California State University – Chico was a program funded by a Teacher Quality Partnership (TQP) grant from 2010-2015. The RTR program prepared teachers through partnerships with four school districts in the rural region of northern California. This residency program was designed to provide targeted training and experience in co-teaching, action research, professional learning communities, and collaboration. In addition, RTR faculty hoped to impact the retention of teachers for hard-to-staff schools such as those with underserved students and/or in rural settings. The purpose of the chapter is to briefly overview the design features of the RTR program and to describe the qualitative data analysis of an evaluation of the program (i.e., focus groups, survey, observations/interviews) at the conclusion of the grant funding cycle.
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The Experience of Learning in an Alternative Certification Program
An extended period of time in a K-12 setting during teacher preparation.
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For-Profit Online Learning: The Student Experience
A face-to-face weekend seminar where doctoral students conducted preliminary literature reviews and completed a dissertation research plan.
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Curing the Common Curriculum: Injecting Customized Learning Experiences Into Medical Education
A stage of graduate medical education that begins after graduating from an accredited medical school. Residency training is done in a medical facility under the supervision of a senior clinician. Completion of a residency is required to obtain an unrestricted license to practice medicine and to practice in a specialty. Depending on the specialty, a residency can take three to five years to complete.
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Active Student Engagement through the Use of WebEx, MindTap, and a Residency Component to Teach a Masters Online Group Counseling Course
Residency is a mini-course workshop were students come to campus to become familiar with the campus, perform any skills such as conduct a group and also be observed for any dispositions students may display during this time.
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The Promise of Peace Leadership for Physician Professional Identity Formation: Charting the Need for Faculty Development
Specialized training after undergraduate medical education where the newly graduated physician learns to practice in a specific area of medicine e.g., pediatrics, surgery, or dermatology.
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